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The Gemtor Class II Fire-Rescue Harness is the most recognizable harness in the fire service today!

All Hands Fire Equipment is the #1 source for the Gemtor 541NYC and the new Gemtor 546 Class II Harness. These harnesses have been used by the FDNY for more than 30 years. They are a reliable and proven Class II harness that has many uses for firefighters and rescue personnel, including but not limited to:

- Means of securing one's self.
- Means of escape from an untenable position.
- Escape System attachment.
As a Rescuer.
- Harness on the firefighter to be rescued.

This is the new Gemtor 546 Class 2 Harness
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Gemtor Class II Harnesses are offered as a left side closing or a right side closing option, meaning that the "left side closure" will attach (or close) on the users left hip. The "right side closure" will attach (or close) on the users right hip.

Many departments will purchase a harness based on the closing option of the turn-out pants. For example, if your turn-out pants close on the right side, the right side closing Gemtor Harness will work. If your turn-out pants close on the left side, the left side closing Gemtor Harness will work.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Fast and Easy Donning
  • Can be attached to bunker pants using loops available from most turn-out gear manufacturers.
  • Unique adjustable leg strap design, place one foot through a color coded loop and the entire harness goes on effortlessly.
  • Aluminum, 3-Stage locking Pompier hook with 2” side opening gate (NFPA General Use Carabiner classified by UL) weighs less than 11 oz.
  • Extremely lightweight, weighs only 2.8 lbs! (including Pompier hook).
  • Forged alloy steel escape system attachment D-ring (not shown).
  • Sturdy, lightweight nylon webbing 1 ¾” wide stitched with high tenacity nylon thread.
  • Easy waist belt operation, just engage steel snaphook and D-ring.
  • Available with right side or left side (FDNY style) opening.
  • Unique design lowers the body’s center of gravity and helps reduce the possibility of toppling


Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and Easy Donning
  • Patented design lowers the body’s center of gravity and helps reduce the possibility of toppling.
  • Unique adjustable leg strap design – place one foot through a color coded loop and the entire harness goes on effortlessly.
  • Sturdy, lightweight nylon webbing 1¾” wide stitched with high tenacity nylon thread.
  • Easy waist belt operation – just engage steel snaphook and D-ring.
  • Harness classified as a NFPA Class II Life Safety Harness by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) (see below).
  • Harness Pompier Hook features automatic closing and locking gate with one hand operation.
  • Hook classified as a 9000 lbs. minimum breaking strength, NFPA General Use Carabiner by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
  • Hook has 2” side opening gate.


1. Who can train my fire department in the use and operation of the Gemtor harness?
All Hands Fire Equipment has a staff of "qualified" trainers who offer a comprehensive and dynamic training class on the Gemtor 541 and 541NYC Harness. Our class includes proper sizing and fitting of the harness, care and maintenance, and function and operations of the harness. Although some competitors advertise a variety of different fancy titles, the fact is that for more than a decade, All Hands Fire Equipment has been the leading dealer and provider of the Gemtor Harness and offers the best training available for the Gemtor Harness. To schedule Gemtor Harness Training, call toll-free (888) 681-1009 or email us at

2. Where can I receive training for my Gemtor 541 or Gemtor 541NYC Harness?
All Hands Fire Equipment maintains a staff of "Qualified Trainers" for the Gemtor Harness. Our program is both lecture/Powerpoint and hands-on and is performed at your fire station, fire academy or venue of choice. For further information or to schedule a class, please call (888) 681-1009.

3. What is the "life expectacy" of the Gemtor harness?
The manufacturer recognizes no specific life expectancy. However, the harness should be inspected before each use. If the harness or its components show any sign of excessive wear or deterioration, it should be removed from service and destroyed. (Also see #4 below.)

4. Are there any fire service "standards" that define how long these harnesses should be in service?
No. There is a "voluntary" ANSI standard, which states that the life expectancy of a harness shall be 5 years from the date of first use and 6 years from date manufacture. ANSI does have standards for the industrial workplace/workers.

5. How can I inspect my Gemtor Harness?
A visual inspection is required before each use. You are checking for mildew, wear, damage, and other deterioration. Buckles, D-rings, snap hooks and thimbles shall not be distorted or have any sharp edges, burrs, cracks, worn parts or corrosion. All webbing shall be free of frayed or broken fiber, pulled stitches, tears, abrasions, mold, burns or discoloration. Defective components shall be removed from service.

6. Does the Gemtor Harness come with a warranty?
Gemtor, Inc. provides a warranty against manufacturer defects. The warranty excludes excessive wear and misuse.

7. Is the Gemtor Harness compatable with the Sterling F4 Firefighter Escape System and the Petzl EXO Personal Escape System ?
Yes. The Sterling F4 and Petzl EXO (and other escape systems) were designed to be compatible and function together with the Gemtor 541NYC harness.

8. Is the Gemtor Harness compatible with other escape systems, like the RIT P.R.E.S.S. System?
Yes. RIT Rescue & Escape Systems does design the P.R.E.S.S. system to function together with the Gemtor 541NYC Harness.

9. What is the benefit to having loops sewn into my bunker pants?
Loops keep the Gemtor harness in place while the turnout pants are stowed. During the turnout pants donning phase, loops ensure the the pants go on quick and easy. It also keeps leg loops and waist straps in their correct positions and provides easy accessibility to the connection points. For more information, click here.

10. The Gemtor 541NYC and the Gemtor harness seen on New York City firefighters are different colors. Are they the same harness?
Yes. At the request of the New York City Fire Department, Gemtor, Inc. provides New York City with a different color combination as is offered to everyone else. These harnesses are different in color, but are the same harnesses in design and configuration.

11. What is the strength of the Gemtor harness and harness webbing?
Drop tests performed by the New York City Fire Department have recorded strengths of the Gemtor 541 harness at over 11,000 lbs. The Gemtor 541 Class II Harness is rated for a 600 lbs. load. The strength of the nylon webbing is 9,800 lbs.

12. What is the construction and strength of the Gemtor 541NYC Pompier Hook?
The ProSeries XL Pompier Hook is made exclusively for Gemtor. It is rated at 9,000 lbs. MBS 40kN G (General Use rating) and meets NFPA 1983-2006

13. How are the Gemtor harnesses sized?
The model number, 541NYCL-2 - the "- 2" indicates that the waist size range is 36" to 50" This is the "Standard" and most common size. If the model number is " 4 ", this is the Large size, which is a waist size range of 44" to 56". With a model number of " 0 ", this is the Small size, which is a waist size range of 30" to 44".

14. When inspecting my Pompier Hook, what should I be looking for?
The ProSeries XL Gemtor Pompier Ladder Hook is constructed of aluminum. It is UL tested and certified to NFPA 1983 with a G (General Use) rating. When inspecting your Pompier Hook, it should be free of nicks, burs and deformities. The triple action gate should be free-flowing and able to cleanly lock in place. The captive eye/bar should be intact and the small allen screw that holds it in place should also be in place.

All Hands Fire Equipment is an Authorized Dealer and Qualified Trainer for Gemtor Products

NOTE: Firefighting requires instruction and training. Firefighting, rescue and associated operations are dangerous and may cause injury and death. It is every firefighter's responsibility to be trained and knowledgable on their equipment, the manufacturers recommendations and equipments intended use.
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